Plan B Capital Group

Tough Equipment.

Simple Financing.

It's Who We Are

Plan B Capital Group is an asset-based direct lender offering financing solutions for companies with big needs seeking financing that traditional lenders won’t approve. From over-the-road trucks and trailers to heavy construction equipment, our fair market valuation approach guarantees you’ll get the most money for your equipment regardless of its age or mileage. With straightforward terms we know this is the solution for small business to grow.

Purchase Transactions

Collateral requirements on all transactions start at a minimum 50% lease to value (lease>2:1 ratio). For example, a $50K purchase request would require an additional $25K in cash or, $50K in additional equipment owned free and clear by the lessor for approval. Whether you are buying from a vendor directly or from a private party, we want to be the partner that provides you the funding you need.

Tough Equipment.


Minimum Collateral for Purchases


Working Capital/Sale-Leaseback


Total Collateral to Funding Amount


Month Lease Options

Fair Market Valuation

Direct Lender

Any Credit / Bankruptcies / Liens*

No Collateral Age / Mileage Restrictions

Private Party / Vendor

Will Finance all fees**

$1 Buy-Out on All Deals

No Homeownership Requirements

Fair Market Valuation


Credit Score Games

Vendor Only

Age or Mileage Restrictions

Required Payments / Fees Out of Pocket

10% or FMV Purchase Options

Must Own a Home

Subject to Third-Party Evaluation. *Liens must be resolved prior to funding. Proof of lien release or lien payoff at time of closing necessary (may use proceeds from transaction). **Must meet the funding security guidelines.

Construction Equipment

Titled Vehicles


Yellow Iron




Other equipment will also be considered on a case by case basis.